Workforce Planning Task 2

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  • Workforce Planning Task 2
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Task 2: Workforce Planning, Recruitment, & Selection

Course Code: 234

A. Discuss 3 causes of workplace conflict

  1. One of the causes of workplace conflict is the mayors embarrassment over the public knowledge that a few police officers have made more than him. As a mayor, he is supposed to be in a position of authority over the citys law enforcement, and if the public knows that many of the police officers make more money than he does, he could feel that they will think less of him or that he is incompetent.
  2. A second cause of workplace conflict is the fact that the officers will lose the overtime pay they have become accustomed to. Many of the officers have had this pay for such a long time that it has become a way of life for them. If they were to suddenly lose this...

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