Wils project Management

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  • Wils project Management
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Wils project Management

  1. Explanation if Wil is on, below or over the schedule Wil is on schedule. The money spend by the fifth day is directly proportional to the labor of shearing his trees for the five days. The estimates of his budget for the five days meet the amount of work done for that period. By the fifth day, the crew shearing his fields have done 25% of the total job to be completed. This is arrived by taking the percentage of the work done (6000 trees) over the whole project work (24000 trees).This is also the first payout by Wil to his workers. The money to be paid is also 25% of the budgeted cost of work scheduled. If this trend of working relationship continue to the end of the project, Wil will have accomplished the work in time and paid the workers in full by the...

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