Waist Watchers Diet Plan

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  • Waist Watchers Diet Plan
  • Waist Watchers Diet Plan
  • Waist Watchers Diet Plan
  • Waist Watchers Diet Plan
  • Waist Watchers Diet Plan
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Waist Watchers Food Diary

Created by Lorna Stalker RN, BSN

We all know that the most important component of weight loss is calories in and calories out. This weight loss food diary is based on the premise. But it is also important to keep track of the type of calories and food nutrition that you are taking into your body.

According to some experts the Mediterranian diet is highest in vitamin and nutrient rich foods. It also provides one of the quickest weight loss programs available.

This food diary is based on that fact. The list moves from left to right in the order of the amounts of food types you should eat and in what amounts.

The more you eat foods from the left side of the list compared to the right side of the list the faster you will lose weight.

You should also keep track of your calorie intake and output each day.

It takes a certain amount of calories for our bodies to just function, including breathing and repairing when you are asleep at night. Your BMR is this amount. In general is it based on your weight X height X a formula for Men /Women.

Example: If my weight were 150 Lbs, My Height was 64 inches, My base BMR would be 1400 Calories. That is the how much my body burns just to function in a day.

If I exercise I can add the number of calories I burn each day to my BMR. So lets say that I walk 3 miles a day and burn 250 calories walking, added to my BMR that would mean that I burn 1650 calories per day to function.

If then I eat 1250 Calories in a day I have a negative of - 400 calories per day. It takes 3500 calories to burn off 1 pound of fat. At that rate I will lose 1 pound in about 9 days. So you can see that weight loss can be very slow.

In order to lose weight faster, you will need to burn more calories or eat less.

Based on the Mediterranian diet you could of course become a vegetarian and lose weight very fast. But I believe you should adapt this food diary to your life style and food preferences but most of all it is important to stay away from high fat, high sugar, high starch and simple carbohydrate foods.

Depending on how much weight you want to loose and how fast you want to lose it you can adjust your food diary accordingly.

Lorna is a Registered Nurse, working in the health industry for 30 years. She has worked in various departments including, OR, PACU, ER, Nursing education and Patient education including Diabetic Education. She has worked with many diets over the years and fought the battle of the bulge many times. This weight loss diary is a culmination of ideas, from reading many books and articles on weight loss, trying many programs which have cost a lot of money. This program was created to help you lose weight with some effort on you part but not a lot of cost.

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