Unit 3 Assignment 1 Network Topology 02 01 2015

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  • Unit 3 Assignment 1 Network Topology 02 01 2015
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                                     Network Topology

   Star Topology has its own cable that connects to a central hub or switch, multipoint

repeater, or even a Multistation Access Unit. Data passes through the hub to reach other devices

on the network. A hub, switch, or computer acts as a router to transmit messages this is in its

simplest form. Star reduces the chance of failure in the network by connecting all of the systems

to a central node. Star is the most common networks because of the ease of configuring and

troubleshooting it. If a wire goes bad only one node will go down which prevents a huge impact

on productivity. However, because a star involves a central hub or switch as well as a lot more

cabling it cost more to implement.

   Bus topologies...

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