SCIN 136 Assignment 5 Trade Routes, Upwelling, & Tides

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  • SCIN 136 Assignment 5 Trade Routes, Upwelling, & Tides
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The greatest fisheries in the world occur where there is strong upwelling. What is upwelling? What are at least three oceanographic or geographic situations that can cause it? Name at least six major areas of strong upwelling. Read pgs 175-177 and explain how the Southern Oscillation/El Nino effects upwelling off of S. America. Hint:That's why most tuna is caught off of Peru and Ecuador. A note: 250 million years ago when all of the world's land was together in the supercontinent Pangea there was one huge world ocean. At that time the ocean current patterns were very different and the was no upwelling. Thus the organic material (mostly phtyoplankton) that died on the surface of that ocean sank to the bottom where it was covered by sediment and "cooked" into the oil that we use today. And, just like pieces of Pangea have broken up and moved all over the globe so have pieces of that old ocean floor. But that's what oil geologists look for when they drill. By the way in the entire world. Of course we could make all of our gas out of our coal (the US has about 200yrs of coal left). The Germans did it for all of WW II because Germany doesn't have any oil. We could tell OPEC to stick it, but just be ready to pay about $ per gal for your gas. In the Copied Resources folder of the Course Materials Section is an excellent article (B.P.'s Disaster Rare Mix of Geology) that explains oil formation very well. Please open it and read it.

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