SCIN 136 Assignment 3 Ocean Zones, Dissolved Gases, & Treasure Hunting

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  • SCIN 136 Assignment 3 Ocean Zones, Dissolved Gases, & Treasure Hunting
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Why is the ocean layered? Explain the PHYSICAL CAUSES of layering, and describe the major layers in the ocean. NOTE: In your research you may find the Hadalpeligic Zone. Hadal means Hades, why would the conditions here be "Hell-like"? Also during WWII and the Cold War submariners found the "deep-scattering layer" where they could hide from sonar. So for grins (and to help your grade on this item.) find out what & where it is while doing your research. Or just ask your local submariner, anybody who has ever served on a sub will know the answer to this. The attached article will prove useful here. You can also check out this video that names the oceanic zones (and invertebrate phyla) from Finding Nemo: When you research this topic you will find that some references mention a 3 layer or zone system while others like our text use a 5 layer or zone system. Let's use the 5 layer system for this topic.

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