SCI 201 Week 1 DQs

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  • SCI 201 Week 1 DQs
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SCI 201 Week 1 DQs

What is the difference between complementary, alternative, and integrative medicine? How does each type of medicine relate to conventional health care in the United States?

What is purpose of the NCCAM? What information is available to the public from NCCAM?

Why are consumers increasingly interested in non-allopathic medicine and various CAM modalities?

What are the current trends in the use of CAM in the United States? Is CAM increasing or decreasing in popularity and why?

What is historical evolution of CAM?

What are the major categories of CAM and the underlying concepts of each? How do they differ?

What role do scientific studies and clinical trials play in determining efficacy and safety of CAM treatments?

How does the placebo effect relate to alternative medicine? Does it support or refute CAM as an effective therapy?

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