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A Sample Employee Evaluation in Microsoft Word format with some of the following content:


(Please Note: All Sample/Draft Personnel Policy language should be reviewed and approved by a City Attorney prior to adoption.)

I. Why do performance evaluation?

Employee development

Identification of training needs attorney

Employee motivation

Identification of organizational problems

Documentation to support other management decisions including corrective action/discipline

Ensure Job / Position Description is up to date and accurate.

II. How to do performance evaluation:

Establish the right atmosphere. Find a private place where interruptions and phone calls are unlikely. Have your calls held. Even the seating arrangements can be more important than you think. Two comfortable chairs at a conference table are better than sitting behind the desk with the employee in front of you.

Choose the right time. Look at your work schedule as well as the employees. Mid-morning is often considered an ideal time. Youve completed the start-up routine but neither of you is too tired to conduct a proper appraisal session. Fridays can be bad days if you are dealing with a marginal performer. There is a weekend to brood immediately afterward, instead of a workday when improvements can be made. Select a time other than lunch. You and the employee will be able to better focus on the appraisal rather than the distraction of the meal and the server.

Be in the right frame of mind. Dont attempt to conduct an appraisal session if you are not feeling well or if the st...

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