Psyc 1000 UOIT motivation is defined by psychologists as

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  • Psyc 1000 UOIT motivation is defined by psychologists as
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Chapter 11

  1. Motivation is defined by psychologists as A. an impulse to accomplish something of significance. B. rigidly patterned behavior characteristic of all people. C. a need or desire that energizes and directs behavior toward a goal. D. the cause of behavior. Answer: C
  2. Psychologists have used four perspectives in their efforts to explain motivation. These include an emphasis on instincts, optimum arousal, a hierarchy of motives, and A. drive reduction. B. 360-degree feedback. C. refractory periods. D. basal metabolic rate. Answer: A
  3. Which theory has been accused of simply naming rather than explaining behaviors? A. drive-reduction B. set point C. arousal D. instinct Answer: D
  4. A complex, unlearned, and fixed pattern of behavior common to all members of a species is called a(n) A. set point. B. drive. C. instinct D. incentive. Answer: C
  5. An instinctive behavior is one that is A. designed to reduce drives. B. triggered by a sexual incentive. C. similar in all living organisms. D. unlearned. Answer: D
  6. It is characteristic of bears to hibernate. This behavior is an example of A. an instinct. B. homeostasis. C. an incentive. D. a drive. Answer: A
  7. Mr. Porter believes that aggression is an unlearned behavior characteristic of all children. He obviously believes that aggression is a(n) A. incentive. B. homeostatic mechanism. C. instinct. D. drive. Answer: C
  8. Which theory of motivation most clearly emphasizes the importance of genetic predispositions? A. drive-reduction theory B. instinct theory C. hierarchy of needs theory D. arousal theory Answer: B
  9. A need refers to A. a physiological state that usually triggers motivational arousal. B. anything that is perceived as having positive or negative value in motivating behavior. C. a desire to perform a behavior in order to avoid punishment. D. a rigidly patterned behavioral urge characteristic of all people. Answer: A
  10. An aroused, motivated state that is often triggered by a physiological need is called a(n) A. instinct. B. incentive. C. drive. D. set point. Answer: C
  11. For a thirsty person, drinking water serves to reduce A. a drive. B. an instinct. C. the set point. D. basal metabolic rate. Answer: A
  12. Food deprivation is to ____ as hunger is to ____. A. homeostasis; thirst B. incentive; instinct C. need; drive D. pornography; lust Answer: C
  13. Victims of a famine will often eat unappetizing and nutritionally poor foods simply to relieve their constant hunger. Their behavior is best explained in terms of A. arousal theory. B. instinct theory. C. drive-reduction theory. D. incentive theory. Answer: C
  14. Homeostasis, which is the goal of drive reduction, is defined as A. a rigidly patterned behavior characteristic of an entire species. B. an aroused tension state that is often triggered by a physiological need. C. the body's tendency to maintain a constant internal state. D. a physical need that usually triggers motivational arousal. Answer: C
  15. For a hungry person, the consumption of food serves to A. lower the set point. B. shorten the refractory period. C. maintain homeostasis. D. reduce blood glucose levels. Answer: C
  16. Positive and negative environmental stimuli that motivate behavior are called A. needs. B. incentives. C. set points. D. drives. Answer: B
  17. Which of the following is clearly NOT an example of an incentive? A. $1000 B. threat of punishment C. smell of popcorn D. dehydration Answer: D
  18. On some college football teams, players are rewarded for outstanding performance with a gold star on their helmets. This practice best illustrates the use of A. set points. B. 360-degree feedback.... DOWNLOAD TO SEE THE FULL DOCUMENT

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