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Probability Distribution A coin is tossed 10 times.(a)Find the probability distribution of the number of heads.(b)Find mean, standard deviation, and variance.(c) Also verify your results using formulae.(d) Calculate the probability distribution using Matlabs build in functions and also draw the bar graph of the probability distribution using Matlab.

Though it is not mentioned, we will assume that it is a fair coin. This means that the probability of heads P(H) is 0.5 and probability of tails P(T) is 0.5. In case the problem is related to an unfair coin, please ask again mentioning this clearly. (a) Let r be the number of heads we get out of 10 tosses. Since we will be getting exactly r heads out of 10 tosses and order is not important, the probability will be

where r is between 0...

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