PRG 421 JAVA Fundraiser Program Project Plan

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  • PRG 421 JAVA Fundraiser Program Project Plan
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PRG 421 JAVA Fundraiser Program Project Plan


As part of the learning team environment, the task been set for all learning teams to develop and assemble a Java program that could be utilized for the recording and tracking donations relating to Fund Raising efforts. Within the structure of the development for this program, the timeline for completion will required all development and coding to be completed within a four week window. The objective of the program is to allow the local charities within the city to record and track charitable donations through a Graphical User Interface (GUI) with emphasis being placed on the GUI for entering and viewing the data to be processed. In development of the program, Learning Team 'B' will be assembling the necessary code to store pledge data for local charities within the city with providing a user-friendly interface. The program's Graphical User Interface (GUI) will request three


Develop a project plan for the fundraiser program due in Week Five.

The project plan should describe the design of the program and how it is to be modularized. The design should include the layout of the GUI.

Note. The program should be designed in a modular way so that individual team members can write the code for specific methods.

The project plan should also include individual task assignments.

Submit the project plan to your facilitator.

JAVA Fundraiser Program: Project Plan

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