PRG 420 Week 2

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  • PRG 420 Week 2
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PRG 420 Week 2

Individual SR-mf-003

Complete Service Request SR-mf-003, Mortgage Payment Calculator:

Design and implement a program that calculates and displays the mortgage payment amount given the amount of the mortgage, the term of the mortgage, and the interest rate of the mortgage. In first iteration of the program, hard code the principal = $200,000, the term = 30 years, and the annual interest rate = 5.75%.

The code should follow the formatting and commenting standards posted in the Course-Materials newsgroup.

Note. Change Requests are not relevant until the next individual assignment.

Learning Team Instructions

Use the Quality Control Sheet to check each Learning Team members program, and post your evaluations in the Learning Team forum.

Discussion Questions

In your opinion, list three challenges in planning and designing a solution for a programming problem. What can you do to overcome these challenges? Describe how you will apply these techniques to the programs in this class.

List three types of errors that you can encounter in a Java program, and describe what you will do to minimize the errors.

Discuss different categories of data types that are supported in Java with examples

Explain Arithmetic, Logical and Conditional Operators that are used in Java with example usage in Java with a simple program(s)

Make a list of any 5 methods in the String class, and describe their arguments and what they return.

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