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PRG 420 All DQs

Week 1

Discussion Questions

Describe the difference between an object and a class with examples.

Based on the Armstrong and Hardgrave article, define object-oriented software. Describe basic concepts of object-oriented software development.

Based on the Greiner article, explain the JVM. Compare and contrast Java and C++.

You are requested to create instructions for downloading and installing Java software on laptop/desktop that can be distributed with the software

  1. Create instructions manual (include all the steps needs to be performed, include screen shots where necessary)

  2. Include Do and Dont ( include your installation experience)

Include Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) ( at least two, such as hardware/software requirement, trouble shooting questions)

Discuss different Java Program types with examples. Why they are popular (unpopular)?

Week 2

Discussion Questions

In your opinion, list three challenges in planning and designing a solution for a programming problem. What can you do to overcome these challenges? Describe how you will apply these techniques to the programs in this class.

List three types of errors that you can encounter in a Java program, and describe what you will do to minimize the errors.

Discuss different categories of data types that are supported in Java with examples

Explain Arithmetic, Logical and Conditional Operators that are used in Java with example usage in Java with a simple program(s)

Make a list of any 5 methods in the String class, and describe their arguments and what they return.

Week 3

Describe the various members that a class definition can contain.

What is the difference between the goto instruction in Java and the Java bytecode instruction set? Explain one discussed repetition structure.

What repetition structure is used as an example in the Schneider article? How might easy-to-read or highly documented code be a security risk?

Write the pseudo code and the Java source code for the following:

Prompt the user to enter four-digit year. Using if else conditional statement print if it is a leap year or not.

For example:

If the user enters 1990, Display year 1990 is not a leap year

If user input is 2000, display year 2000 is a leap year, etc.

Write the pseudo code and the Java source code for the following:

Prompt the user to enter a positive number. Using while or for loop, print the factorial value of that number.

For example:

If the user enters 2, Display Factorial value of 2 is 2,

If the user enters 3, Factorial value of 3 is 6, etc.

Week 4

Discussion Questions

Write the pseudo code and the Java source code for the following:

Sort an array of elements (23, 14, 21, 56, 87, 9, 12, 99, 1, 13) in the ascending order

Describe the difference between robustness and reliability and how design affects these characteristics.

Based on the Yelick article, what concern is there about how Java implements arrays? What is the Java array starting index?

Based on the Budimlic article, what is the array data type? What is the importance and use of the keyword new when associated with a Java array?

Write the pseudo code and the Java source code for the following:

Fill a 2 dimensional array of 3X3 (double[ 3 ] [ 3 ] )with random numbers and print the elements

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