PRG 210 Week 2

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  • PRG 210 Week 2
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PRG 210 Week 2

Week 2

Individual Assignment: Computer Programs and Program Development

Prepare a 2 3 page paper addressing the following:

Computer Programs

Describe the three basic types of programming languages. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Discuss possible reasons why so many different programming languages exist.

Describe the relationship between the computer program and how a computer processes and stores data.

Program Development

Describe the program development cycle, and explain why it is called a cycle.

Describe the importance of using a structured, modular approach when creating program requirements, design, and code.

Besides the programmer, who else should be involved in the stages of the program development cycle?

Discussion Questions

Based on the article, "The Road to Our Scripting Future (Yared, 2007), discuss the relevance of structured programming techniques in the development of applications for grid computing.

Based on the article, "Changing the Corporate IT Development Model: Tapping the Power of Grassroots Computing," (Cherbakov, Bravery, Goodman, Pandya, Baggett, 2007), discuss how grassroots computing changes the way software is designed, developed, tested, and maintained in a typical organization.

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