POS 420 Complete Course

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  • POS 420 Complete Course
  • POS 420 Complete Course
  • POS 420 Complete Course
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POS 420 Complete Course

Week 1

Individual Assignment

Unix Linux Comparison Matrix

Discussion Questions

Based on Ven, Verelst, and Mannaert (2008), do you feel using open source software makes sense in the business environment? Explain why or why not. Provide an example to support your position.

What are some of the different versions of UNIX? Why is it important to have different versions of UNIX?

Why are shells important within the UNIX environment? What elements of the shell make it important in the UNIX environment?

Week 2




Discussion Questions

What is the relationship between Linux and UNIX? How has their relationship evolved over time? What similarities and differences are seen between them?

How can file permissions be used to establish system security? What effect does this have on the UNIX or Linux operating system?

Roaschke, Cook, Parliman, and Sherrill (2008) describe how to simulate parallelism in UNIX file processing by using multiprocessing in a new multithreading approach. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of their proposed approach? How could this approach be applied to operations in a business environment?

In this weeks article by Liu, Wang, and Zhu (2008), UNIX and Windows are co-located within a heterogeneous system arrangement. How is lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) used as a methodology to handle the different file mechanisms in this arrangement? Do you agree with the use of this approach? Explain why or why not. What other solutions could be used in this situation?

Week 3


Linux Script Worksheet

Discussion Questions

How important is UNIX to the Internet? Explain why and support your position using examples.

What are the philosophical differences between UNIX and Linux vendors like Oracle, Redhat, and Microsoft?

Loui (2008) believes that scripting should be taught at a very early stage to individuals that are learning software programming. Do you agree with the author? Explain why or why not. Explain your reasoning using information from the article.

Week 4


Administration Scripting Log

Discussion Questions

What are the advantages and disadvantages to the large number of Linux variants? Which Linux variants might be most advantageous in a business environment? Explain your reasoning.

Tallam, Tian, Gupta, and Zhang (2008) present techniques that can be used to locate failures in program execution, determine what caused the failure, and prevent it from recurring. What are some of the techniques that they propose? Do you think these techniques could be implemented successfully in a business environment? Explain why or why not.

Compare and contrast using the command line versus a graphical user interface (GUI) for systems administration functions. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Week 5

Team Project Assignment

Final Paper Windows vs. Linux

PowerPoint Windows vs. Linux

Discussion Questions

What are some of the reasons why UNIX Internet commands have remained mostly the same since the advent of the Internet?

How does an open source operating system like Linux affect Internet security and safety?

Based on the Ahmed and Gokhale (2009) article, is reliability or performance more important to an operating system? Why would you come to this conclusion?

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