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Develop 10 multiple choice questions following the example below.

  1. Type your multiple choice question on the first line. If you have a long question just keep typing and let it overflow to a second line. a) Type first answer choice here b) Type second answer choice here c) Type third answer choice here d) Type fourth answer choice here. Note: Show the correct answer in red as shown above.

  2. More than ___ dozen countries have legalized same sex marriage. a) 1 b)2 c)3 d)4

  3. When most children are around ____ months of age, they develop stranger anxiety. a) 6 b) 9 c) 3 d) 8

  4. Some girls can hit puberty as early as years old and some boys as late as years old. a) 11;14 b) 8;19 c)9;16 d) 12;13

  5. In 1960, /4 of all US women and /3 of all US men had finished school,...

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