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This paper Discusses current and future applications of nanotechnology in fields such as medicine, engineering, space exploration, fuel cell development, air and water purification, and agriculture. There are examples of real-world applications in use or in development with reliable references.

Nanotechnology Courtney Moore Argosy University

When I think of nanotechnology I think of small, just really small things.

There is such a promise of Nanotechnology to be able to improve lives and contribute to the overall economy, that the government through the guiding efforts of the U.S. National Nanotechnology Initiative , is supporting research in nanotechnology, which in turn as made the United States a leader in the Nanotechnology development.

The future of nanotechnology looks bright as it has moved out of the shadows and is making more of an active its uses have a wide variity and have the potential of saving many lives.

The subject that I found most intriguing was nanotechnologys use through more targeted drug therapies or smart drugs.

In the future, nanotechnology will also aid in the formation of molecular systems that may be strikingly similar to living systems.

These molecular structures could be the basis for the regeneration or replacement of body parts that are currently lost to infection, accident, or disease.


When I think of nanotechnology I think of small, just really small things. I never imagined what all I would learn about on this fascinating subject. From the book Nanotechnology, Big things from a Tiny World I learned a lot of things I never even though of before. Here are a few of things I liked and wanted to highlight.

Nanotechnology is a relatively new area of science that has generated excitement worldwide. Working at the nanoscale, scientists today are creating new tools, products and technologies to address some of the worlds biggest challenges, including:

clean, secure, affordable energy stronger, lighter, more durable materials low-cost...

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