MKT 438, Week 2, DQ 2

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  • MKT 438, Week 2, DQ 2
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MKT 438, Week 2, DQ 2 What are the differences between public opinion, attitudes, & beliefs? Which one would you say has the most impact on the public relations activities in your place of business? Of the three which one is easiest to change? Why? Public opinion is a generalization of a population's attitudes or beliefs. I would describe public opinion as a snapshot of public standing. Attitude is a personal perception of positive & negative. A belief relates to the premise of an idea to be true or false. In my organization, employee attitude has a large impact on performance, as well as PR activities. Employee musters & six sigma activities are constructed to not only refine work flow but also to helpemployees maintain positive attitudes. I believe attitudes are the easiest to...

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