MKT 421 Week 1

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  • MKT 421 Week 1
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MKT 421 Week 1

Individual Assignment

Defining Marketing Paper (700 1,050 words)

Prepare a narrative paper in which you define marketing.

Include in your paper your personal definition of marketing and definitions from two different credible sources.

When writing your personal definition, do not use the first person voice. Use the third person voice and develop your personal perspective via the use of phrases such as the author believes or the author understands.

Based on these definitions, explain the importance of marketing in organizational success. Provide at least three different examples from the business world to support your explanation.

Be sure to use APA format, including writing in the third person, an abstract, section headers, title page as well as properly citing all of your sources both in your narrative as well as on an end-of-paper references list. No references should appear on your reference list if the source is also not cited within your paper.

Discussion Questions

Week 1

What is the definition of marketing? What are the benefits and drawbacks of incorporating marketing into the sales function of an organization? Do you think that marketing should be included as part of the sales organization within a company? Explain why or why not.

Select an organization with which you are familiar. How does your selected organization use the different components of the marketing mix? How does the marketing mix affect the development of your selected organizations marketing strategy and tactics? How can your selected organization use quantifiable elements to evaluate, monitor, and control marketing effectiveness?

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