MGMT 640 Final Exam Answers

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  • MGMT 640 Final Exam Answers
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MGMT 640 Final Exam Answers

1) Management accounting plays a role in

Aplanning new products.

Bevaluating operational processes.

Ccontrolling costs.

Dall of the above.

2) Management accounting, managers are more concerned with receiving information that is:

Acompletely objective and verifiable.

Bcompletely accurate and precise.

Crelevant, flexible, and immediately available.

Drelevant, completely accurate, and precise.

3) Which one of the following costs should NOT be considered a direct cost of serving a particular customer who orders a customized personal computer by phone directly from the manufacturer?

Athe cost of the hard disk drive installed in the computer.

Bthe cost of shipping the computer to the customer.

Cthe cost of leasing a machine on a...

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