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  • MATH 1308 Q8
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  1. A coin is tossed 80 times. Find the chance that you get between 25 and 32 heads, inclusive.

  2. If one tosses a pair of dice, what is the most likely sum?

  3. A probability histogram represents chance by area.

  4. If there is bias in the data, taking a large enough sample will eliminate it.

  5. A simple random sample of 100 students from a large university is taken. True or False: The product of the 100 grade point averages will follow a normal curve.

  6. A person randomly picks 5 counties out of a state. He then randomly picks 2 town from each county picked. He then randomly picks 3 households from each town. He then interviews each person in the household to see what their preference is with regard to sports: Football, Baseball, Hockey, or Basketball. What type of sampling is this?

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