MATH 1308 Q5

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  • MATH 1308 Q5
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  1. Find the area between -1.5 and 2.4 under the normal curve.

  2. Refer to Figure 5, p. 88 in Chapter 5 and Table 1 on p. 89 of your textbook, and answer the following TRUE or FALSE question. The percentage of families in Figure 5 with incomes below $135,000 is 90%.

  3. Among all applicants to a certain university one year, the Math SAT scores averaged 579, and the SD was 98, and the scores followed the normal curve. Estimate the 85th percentile of the score distribution.

  4. If you add 5 to every entry on a list,

  5. Every data set follows the normal curve.

  6. Bias is a kind of chance error.

  7. How could we find the likely size of the chance error in a single measurement?

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