MAT 101H Module 5 Case

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  • MAT 101H Module 5 Case
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Expectations Module 5 Case

  1. As this is a fundamental "hands on" course, it is expected that you master these basic calulation and problem solving exercises.

  2. Then it is expected that you demonstrate how these topics apply to the real world / healthcare setting.

The Assignment

The problems below follow closely the examples shown in the background materials.

Complete these problems showing your work and turn them in by the end of the Module.

  1. Convert the following equations into logarithmic form:

a. 9 = 5x

b. 3 = 7y

c. 5 = 9y

d. X = 3y

  1. Convert the following equations into exponential form:

a. X = log46

b. -5 = log4Y

c. X= log4Y

d. 1000 = log4Z

  1. Simplify the following expressions:

a. X5 * X8

b. Z10/Z12

c. log4Z + log4X

d. log4Y - log4Z

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