ISCOM 361 Week 4 Individual Assignment Eaton Corporation

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  • ISCOM 361 Week 4 Individual Assignment Eaton Corporation
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ISCOM 361 Week 4 Individual Assignment Eaton Corporation

Individual Assignment Eaton Corporation

Resource: pp. 264267 of Purchasing & Supply Chain Management

Write a 1,050- to 1,200-word paper addressing the topics below.

Illustrate how a purchaser would evaluate a supplier.

What are steps in the selection process? Briefly describe each step and its function in the process.

How do purchasers evaluate suppliers? What criteria must a supplier use?

How are supplier evaluations and surveys effective for a purchaser?

Analyze how an organization may reduce costs.

What cost analysis techniques may an organization utilize to manage costs?

Why is reverse price analysis necessary? What advantages does it provide to purchasers?

When is a break-even analysis used? What information does it provide? How is this useful to an organization?

Explain challenges of purchasing commodities and resale goods.

What are price stabilization techniques and what effect do they have on the commodities market?

What are some commodity buying techniques? What are some risks of these techniques?

What are some challenges faced when purchasing for resale?

Why is merchandise planning important?

Use a minimum of one reference and APA guidelines apply. Remember: REMEMBER: Use headings for each bulleted requirement.

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