ISCOM 361 All DQs

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ISCOM 361 All DQs

Week 1

Discussion Questions

How has technology changed supply management in the last 20 years? Have changes been positive? What are potential disadvantages of not keeping up-to-date with technology? Please provide an example of something you have personally been involved with that was a positive change in supply management.

How would you describe capital goods? Some organizations do not include the purchasing department in acquiring capital goods. Is this effective? Why or why not?

Week 2

Discussion Questions

What are advantages of a centralized purchasing authority? What are advantages of a decentralized purchasing authority? What must an organization take into consideration when choosing a centralized or decentralized purchasing authority?

What is a supply chain management structure? Why would an organization use a vertical organization structure? Why would an organization use a horizontal organization structure?

Which would you choose? Why?

Week 3

Discussion Questions

What is a supplier evaluation? Why is it important? When might an organization conduct a supplier evaluation? Does your organization utilize supplier evaluations? Do you actively participate in this program? Is it successful at getting problems with suppliers turned around? Is it successful in helping to retain excellent suppliers?

What is global sourcing? Is it the most cost-effective option for organizations?

Why or why not? What are some factors to consider? Does your organization utilize global sourcing? Are you aware of your organization's successes and failures with global sourcing?

Week 4

Discussion Questions

What negotiation model does your organization use with suppliers? Is it participative, antagonistic, or something else? Provide your reasoning. Does the organization benefit from this model? How could it be improved?

What are differences in the win-win approach to negotiation compared with the win-lose approach? Which do you feel is more effective? Why? Can you give an example from your experience of a win-win approach to negotiation?

Week 5

Discussion Questions

How has measuring and evaluating purchasing performance been limited in the past? How has this changed? Do you agree an organization must increase its efforts to measure performance? Why or why not?

How do you see technology changing purchasing strategies in the future? How might this affect your own organization? What are some strategies that companies can use to help employees deal with these changes?

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