ISCOM 305 Week 5

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  • ISCOM 305 Week 5
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ISCOM 305 Week 5

Individual Operational Components Paper

Taylor Inc. is interested in providing in-house professional development for the company. You have been selected to explain operational components to employees. The material you produce will be used in the management training.

Create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes that explains the operational components of planning, sourcing, making, and delivering.

Describe the importance of sales, operations, and resource planning for the supply chain.

Explain why it is critical to have an accurate sales forecast.

Include examples.

Cite your sources consistent with APA guidelines.

Learning Team Parker Earth Moving Company Consulting: Session 4

Parker Earth Moving Co. has asked your team to provide recommendations for potential technologies they may use to improve their business process.

Currently, their information technology department is out-of-date, not involved in the business process, and does not serve a major purpose. The department manager is also unfamiliar with the latest technologies.

Resource: Parker Earth Moving Company Consulting: Technology Recommendations located on the student website under Week Five

Read the scenario to determine a viable information technology solution for Parker Earth Moving Company.

Write a 350- to 500-word memo that contains recommendations to improve the companys information technology resources.

Address the following issues:

How technologies are currently used in operations management

The evolution of information technology in operations management (Hint: Can you present this information without it affecting word count?)

What technology resources used to be available and what is available today (Hint: Can you present this information without it affecting word count?)

Potential problems managers would experience by adapting to new technology (Hint: Which ones apply to PEMC?)

Recommend technologies PEMC may use to improve their business process

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Discussion Questions

What are three of the primary obstacles encountered by the management team in adopting and installing a new information technology system? How might these obstacles be overcome?

We have seen many changes and innovations in the application of technology to operations management in recent years. Using information from your readings, identify the three most significant advancements in technology. Explain your choice of significant advancements.

Financial justification of a new information technology system is difficult at best because many of the advantages are intangible. Routine capital budgeting often overlooks six areas of cost savings or revenue-enhancement factors that are realized with new technology. What are four of these factors? Why are these factors important?

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