ISCOM 305 Week 2

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  • ISCOM 305 Week 2
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ISCOM 305 Week 2

Learning Team Parker Earth Moving Company Consulting: Session 1

You are part of a team of industry experts belonging to a reputable consulting firm. Parker Earth Moving Company (PEMC) has asked your team to analyze its system operation management to improve its process. Your team must conduct a series of consulting sessions for PEMC in which you must make recommendations to improve the companys process.

Resource: Parker Earth Moving Company Consulting: Customer Needs located on the student website under Week Two

Analyze the data in the scenario to determine the specific needs of the customer. The scenario is found on the student web page in the course materials.

Address the following in your analysis.:

The needs of the customer through the data provided in the scenario

How subcontractor A and subcontractor B meet the needs of the customer


  1. Analyze the data means just that, use your analytical skills to do something with the data, do not just repeat it back. Repeating known facts back will waste your word count.

2.This is not a clear cut case, if it was, they would not need consultants. A solution may not seem apparent. Be sure to consider your profit margins.

3.Look ahead at next weeks Team Assignment and prepare here. If your analysis is not strong this week, you will need to complete a more solid one for next week. Do it right the first time.

Can members of your team be working week 3 plus in this week?

Discussion Questions

Describe inventory and provide some examples. How does inventory affect a firms financial performance?

What are the different types of inventories maintained by a typical business entity? What is the significance of inventory regarding customer service levels? What are some of your experiences with inventories from the customer service perspective? How would you improve those inventories?

What is the Economic Order Quantity technique and what are the basic assumptions the model formula follows? What are some different companies that could benefit from using this type of inventory management and why?

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