INF 410 Week 3, DQ 1 Risk Identification

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  • INF 410 Week 3, DQ 1 Risk Identification
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INF 410 Week 3, Discussion 1 State the importance of identifying risks & categorizing them as high, medium or low probability. Explain why risks associated with the critical path of the project need special attention. Respond to at least two of your classmates postings. Risk management begins by producing a list of all possible risk that could affect a project, either in a positive or negative manner (Larson & Gray, 2010). Categorizing risk is crucial, which makes identifying them early on more cost effective to the project, as well as, saving the project management team time. Risks are to be expected, although categorizing them from high to low can help give somewhat more control on how they will impact a project. The severity of the risk will determine how the management team will...

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