HTT 200 Version 2 Week 6 CheckPoint Hotel Departments

in Business (Education) by jacob
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  • HTT 200 Version 2 Week 6 CheckPoint Hotel Departments
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HTT 200 Version 2 Week 6 CheckPoint Hotel Departments

I would rather work in the front desk department of the hotel industry. The reason I choose this department is because it has one of the better positions so you can move up. I think if you start off at the front desk, you have the chance after a year or two to move up as shift lead and manager if you do a good enough job. I feel the manager's position is the most important in the hotel industry because they are the ones who have to deal with all the problems in the hotel and have to make sure everything runs real smoothly. I think it is important to learn as much information about all the departments in the hotel you work in because the company may offer a higher paying job for someone who has been with them long enough and is capable of doing the other job. One example is if you are a...

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