HTT 200 Version 2 Week 5 CheckPoint Customer Types

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  • HTT 200 Version 2 Week 5 CheckPoint Customer Types
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HTT 200 Version 2 Week 5 CheckPoint Customer Types

Casino hotels tend to cater to either very young adult in their twenties or to older senior citizens. Individuals, who go, love to have a chance to win money and to gamble their money away. From looking at the information given to me, this seems to be the number one reason people go to casino hotels. It isn't the shows or the class of the hotel it is the style and the lure of gambling that brings them in to stay.

Bed and Breakfast Inns tend to cater more toward the married couples who want to get away or not to bother with a fancy hotel. From what I have seen and read more couples stay there because of the feeling like they are at home than being cooped up in one small room all day. A bed and breakfast Inn you usually get 3 hot meals and the owners are always there to help you if you are...

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