HTT 200 Version 2 Week 2 CheckPoint Diversity

in Business (Education) by jacob
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  • HTT 200 Version 2 Week 2 CheckPoint Diversity
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HTT 200 Version 2 Week 2 CheckPoint Diversity

The main elements of diversity are tolerance, the ability to understand others, and open-mindedness. Tolerance is a very important element of diversity because being able to tolerate different people is an important aspect in our society. Being able to tolerate others simply means that one is open to peoples differences of cultures, races, gender, sexual orientation, origins etc. Not being able to tolerate different individuals is ignorant and in today's society, unwise. It is unwise to be intolerant of others because it is guaranteed that one will have to work with, go to school and of course converse with different people. It is much better to have an open mind about others different that yourself because then you will be open to new experiences and knowledge. By being intolerant you are...

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