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  • HSM 546 Week 1 DQ 1 HMO Formation 521878
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Top of Form Week 1: Managed Health Care Structure - Discussion

HMO Formation (graded) Why were HMOs formed? How has the relationship between the government and HMOs changed over the past7 years?

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RE: HMO FORMATION WEEK 1 Thread 1 Professor Johnson-Warren 3/2/2013 8:15:04 PM

Modified:3/2/2013 8:32 PM

A combination of legal, regulatory, and market forces have always driven change in managed health care. Beware. HMOs did NOT start in the 1980's. The history of HMOs is long and full of insightful information about how insurance has evolved. Sometimes we have to look at where we been before we complain about the...

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