HSM 210 Week 3 Discussion Question 1

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  • HSM 210 Week 3 Discussion Question 1
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Discussion Question 1 Resources:Ch. 5 (pp. 226-32) of the text and Appendix G. Due Date:Day 2 [Mainforum] Postyour response to the following: Describe a community program or service in your city or state that you think needs more public or government support. Why does this issue deserve attention? What type of advocacy is most appropriate for this program or service? What strategies would you employ to promote it? I believe a program service in the city of Austin that needs more public support is the metro bus system. This is the only bus system outside of public taxis that provide transportation to people in the city of Austin and the surrounding areas. This issue needs a lot of attention because no one is riding the bus systems because of the complexity of getting...

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