HRM 595 DQ Questions Week 2 Day 1

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  • HRM 595 DQ Questions Week 2 Day 1
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HRM 595 DQ Questions Week 2 Day 1 Due Thursday Write a 175- to 265-word substantive response to the following:

Managers confront at least five challenges in appraising employee performance such as: 1) rater errors and bias; 2) the influence of liking; 3) organizational politics 4) whether to focus on the individual or the group; and 5) legal issues. How can managers ensure accurate measurement of worker performance?

Managers use Performance Management which is a goal-oriented process directed toward ensuring that organizational processes in place to maximize the productivity of employees. This strategy try measures and improves the productivity of the workforce. This can include incentives. Incentives and performance are closely related. This is one of the major focuses in business...

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