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12 Class HLT 362v A solutions with spreadsheet formulas... Hypothesis Testing Problem 1 There is a new drug that is used to treat leukemia. The following data represents the remission time in weeks for a random sample of 21 patients using the drug. 10 7 32 23 22 6 16 11 20 19 6 17 35 6 10 34 32 25 13 9 6

Let X be a random variable representing the remission time in weeks for all patients using the new drug. Assume that the distribution of x is normal. A previously used drug treatment has a mean remission time of 12.5 weeks. Does the data indicate that the mean remission time using the new drug is different from 12.5 week at a level of significance of ? State the Null Hypothesis State the Alternative Hypothesis State the Level of significance State the Test Statistic Perform...

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