HIST 168 Quiz 3

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  • HIST 168 Quiz 3
  • HIST 168 Quiz 3
  • HIST 168 Quiz 3
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The author stated that Nixon attempted to achieve "peace through coercion". First, describe his diplomatic and military moves. Second, summarize his public strategy?

List and summarize four historical lessons that the author believes should be learned from this conflict?

Describe America's efforts at "Vietnamization". Be specific. In your view, why was the United States unsuccessful? Had you been in charge, what would you have

done differently and why?

Why did the United States invade Cambodia? What were the short and long terms results, both tactical and political.

Describe the Easter Offensive? Include in your discussion (1) North Vietnam's goals (2) tactical results on both North Vietnamese and South Vietnamese military

forces, and (3) the political consequences.

Discuss the terms of the peace agreement that enabled the United States to extricate itself from Vietnam in 1973. How was this "peace" agreement achieved? In

your view, what was the motivation for each side to conclude this agreement? Explain how President Nixon able to reach an agreement with the North and why

President Johnson was not?

The North's victory came much quicker than anyone thought possible. Describe their tactical successes and contrast it with the South's battlefield failures? Be


The author says that the North deserves the credit for their final victory? List at least four reasons Herring provided to support this assertion.

Briefly describe the consequences and impact of the United States withdrawal from Indochina on (1) Cambodia (2) China (3) Laos, and (4) Vietnam.

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