HCS/440: Economic Issues Simulation Paper

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  • HCS/440: Economic Issues Simulation Paper
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**A+ Work!

Individual Assignment: Economic Issues Simulation Paper

Review the Health Care Economics Issues HMO Simulation.

Resource: Economic Issues Simulation Paper grading criteria on the student website.

Select either Constructit or E-editor to analyze for your paper.

Prepare a 1050- to 1400 paper in which you present a profile of the chosen company including the demographics of the employees, the health care risk factors (potential areas of high utilization), and the premiums the company is willing to pay.

As a representative of Castor insurance, your job is to maximize profit and minimize risk for the company. Based on your analysis of potential utilization, give at least two reasons why each plan could be selected. Then state which plan you would select to sell to your chosen company? What are the reasons for this decision? Why did you not select the other plans offered?

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