HCS 449 Professional Career Action Plan

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  • HCS 449 Professional Career Action Plan
  • HCS 449 Professional Career Action Plan
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HCS 449 Professional Career Action Plan


Developing a professional career action plan can significantly aid an individual in envisioning his or her professional career. A career action plan identifies many elements of an individual's career. The action plan focuses on professional goals, current skills an individual possesses, skills that may need altering, skills that need to be developed, the plan for achieving the professional goals, and organizations that may assist in reaching professional goals. With the conclusion of the Bachelor's of Science in Health Care Administration program at University of Phoenix, developing a career action plan is vital to the success of an individual's career.

Professional Goals

Over the course of my professional career, many goals have come and gone. The goals established early on are not the goals presently established. I have taken advantage of countless career opportunities presented during my young career. Each opportunity has provided a clearer definition of the professional career ultimately desired within the health care field.


Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper, based on your action plan outline, addressing the following questions:

? What are your professional goals?

? What job do you plan to have in the health care sector?

? What skills for this job do you currently have?

? Which skills do you need to change or alter?

? What is your plan for ultimately achieving these professional goals?

? What professional organizations can help you achieve these goals?

? What benefit does your career action plan outline provide?

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