HCS 301 MyWritingLab Worksheet

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  • HCS 301 MyWritingLab Worksheet
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University of Phoenix Material

MyWritingLab Worksheet

Complete this worksheet as you view the MyWritingLab video segments linked to the student website. Select the correct answer for each question.

  1. Prewriting activities are important for which of the following?

a. Develop a specific purpose

b. Narrow a subject to a specific topic

c. Identify a specific audience

d. All of the above

  1. When reading an article or book as a prewriting activity, you should write notes on where you ____ and where you have a question.

a. found the article or book

b. agree or disagree with the author

c. will copy sections of the article or book

d. think the author was coming from

  1. Which of the following is part of the prewriting process?

a. Reading

b. Freewriting

c. Brainstorming

d. All of the above

  1. The purpose of freewriting is to stimulate your thinking and

a. practice typing

b. write about your feelings

c. review your topic outline

d. turn your thoughts into words

  1. In brainstorming, you should write your topic at the top of the page and then

a. write an outline of subtopics you will use in your paper

b. compose complete sentences about the topic

c. free associate words and list them under the topic

d. list, in order, all of the related topics

  1. In the prewriting technique of clustering, you show the __ between topic ideas by drawing lines to connect the various ideas.

a. hierarchy

b. differences

c. relationship

d. division

  1. Which is NOT one of the six questions you can use to explore a topic during prewriting?

a. Who?

b. What?

c. When?

d. Wherefore?

  1. Sharing a rough draft of a paper with friends or family members and discussing the paper with them can

a. show you where you may have left out information

b. require extensive rewriting based on all of their comments

c. identify areas for you that can still be improved

d. both a and c

  1. Discussing your ideas with others can help make your writing more

a. rounded

b. significant

c. organized

d. professional

  1. When planning, you will answer three basic questions about what you will write: What subject will you write about? What is your purpose for writing? and

a. When is your paper due?

b. How will you cover all of your topics?

c. Where will you locate your research?

d. Who is your audience?

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