HCA 250 Week 2 DQ 2

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  • HCA 250 Week 2 DQ 2
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Week 2 DQ 2 Which stress management method presented in Ch. 5 is most effective for you? The stress management methods that help me when I feel as though I am under too much stress are the methods of relaxation, exercise, and cognitive restructuring. When relaxing I am able to clear my mind of all of the things that seem to be bothering me throughout the day and this helps me to forget about my problems for a while. When exercising I have no time to dwell upon my problems and instead focus my attention on the exercises that I am completing , leaving me when I am done feeling so refreshed that nothing seems to bother me anymore. Cognitive restructuring helps me to believe that things are going to get better, so some of the stress that I feel about a particular factor does not seem to...

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