GLG 101 Glaciers Worksheet

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  • GLG 101 Glaciers Worksheet
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GLG 101 Glaciers Worksheet

Answer the lab questions for this week and summarize the lab experience using this form.

Carefully read Ch. 14 of Geoscience Laboratory.

Complete this week's lab by filling in your responses to the questions from Geoscience Laboratory. Although you are only required to respond to the questions in this worksheet, you are encouraged to answer others from the text on your own.

Questions and charts are from Geoscience Laboratory, 5th ed. (p. 249-261), by T. Freeman, 2009, New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons. Reprinted with permission.

Lab Questions:

14.1 Why doesn't Greenland glacier quite make it to the sea on most of its coast?

It has to do with the sea tempearature levels surrounding Greenland. They are much warmer than the glacier itself, which can actually cause some melting of the glacier, but is also why it doesn't quite meet the sea.

14.2 In what part of the glacier did the ice flow fastest between 1874 and 1882?

It appears it flowed fastest around the edges.

14.3 What was the fastest rate of flow expressed in meters per year?

400 m

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