Everything Fractions Packet

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This is a great go-to for teachers!


Covers the following:

  1. Adding Fractions

  2. Adding Mixed Fractions

  3. Adding Simple Fractions

  4. Adding Three Fractions

  5. Comparing Fractions and Decimals

  6. Comparing Fractions

  7. Converting Between Fractions and Decimals

  8. Dividing Fractions and Whole Numbers

  9. Dividing Fractions

  10. Dividing Mixed Numbers

  11. Equivalent Fractions

  12. Greatest Common Factor

  13. Least Common Multiple

  14. Multiplying Fractions with Cross Canceling

  15. Multiplying Fractions with Fractions

  16. Multiplying Fractions with Whole Numbers

  17. Multiplying Mixed Numbers

  18. Reducing Fractions

  19. Solving Fractions with Exponents

  20. Subtracting Fractions

  21. Subtracting Mixed Fractions

  22. Subtracting Simple Fractions

  23. Visually Adding Simple Fractions

  24. Visually Subtracting Simple Fractions
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This archive contains 27 files including...
Adding Fractions.pdf
Adding Mixed Fractions.pdf
Adding Simple Fractions.pdf
Adding Three Fractions.pdf
Comparing Fractions and Decimals.pdf
Comparing Fractions.pdf
Converting Between Fractions and Decimals.pdf
Dividing Fractions and Whole Numbers.pdf
Dividing Fractions.pdf
Dividing Mixed Numbers.pdf
Equivalent Fractions.pdf
Everything Fractions Cover.pdf
Everything Fractions.docx
Find the Greatest Common Factor.pdf
Find the Least Common Multiple.pdf
Multiplying Fractions with Cross Canceling.pdf
Multiplying Fractions with Fractions.pdf
Multiplying Fractions with Whole Numbers.pdf
Multiplying Mixed Numbers Fractions Worksheet.pdf
Prime Factorization Trees.pdf
Reducing Fractions.pdf
Solving Fractions with Exponents.pdf
Subtracting Fractions.pdf
Subtracting Mixed Fractions.pdf
Subtracting Simple Fractions.pdf
Visually Adding Simple Fractions.pdf
Visually Subtracting Simple Fractions.pdf

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