ESE 370 Week 1 DQ

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  • ESE 370 Week 1 DQ
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ESE 370 Week 1 DQ 2

Discuss the process of working memory including the areas of the brain associated with short-term memory and encoding. The brain is designed to search and find patterns. It is said that the prefrontal cortex plays the most important role in who we are. This area of our brains controls our short-term memory. The first step in creating memory is encoding. When encoding happens as it should, the neurons in the hippocampus become active and the information becomes short-term or working memory. The hippocampus forms our short-term memories by encoding. Information learned is imprinted into our thalamus and the frontal lobe. The book states, "It is this pattern seeking by which related prior knowledge is activated to meet the new input in the hippocampus." (Willis, J., &...

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