ECO 561 Final Business Proposal

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  • ECO 561 Final Business Proposal
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ECO 561 Final Business Proposal


An enterprising inventor, Will Bury knows everyone will soon be using digital equipment for reading and listening, including books that are available in hard copies. Even though they are expensive, Will knows there are books on CDs and recorded by a person reciting the text. There are also recordings made with other technology that makes the words sound almost inhuman. With plans dealing with proprietary technology he has developed and patented, Will plans to expedite the transformation. Will's invention takes the text word for word and creates a file with the option of listening with an actual automated voice or reading as a digital file. Will also know he has unlimited access to book not under copyright protection. Will figures he could make a $5 royalty fee per title for copyrighted books that could expand his catalog. At the moment, he is only working with books in the English language, leaving him limited to the types of languages to translate. Because of this, Will has been working on a language translation option as well. In this paper, there will be a discussion of a creation of a business proposal to improve goods and services for Will's new product.

Profit-Maximizing and Increasing Revenue

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Week 6 Final Proposal Resource: Business Proposal and Peer Review feedback Update your Week Four business proposal recommendations using the feedback provided by your peers and facilitator. Add the following components to your proposal:

? Recommend appropriate pricing and nonpricing strategies for your new or existing good or service based on the projected economy's stage in the business cycle and the prevailing projected economic conditions for one or more macroeconomic factors. Explain the evidence that supports these recommendations.

? Describe planning or operating decisions for your new or existing good or service based on the economy's stage in the business cycle and other economic conditions.

? Recommend an appropriate course for your new or existing good or service based on the projected credit markets.

? Describe how current credit market conditions affect your planning or operating decision for your good or service.

? Recommend business decisions based on estimates of evolving international economic conditions. Be sure to relate decisions to international trade and comparative advantage.

? Describe how the international economy affects your planning or operating decisions for the good or service.

? Make any additional recommendations you think are important based on evolving economic conditions. Create a sales pitch of your specific recommendations for the good or service. Assume that you have 5-10 minutes to present your sales pitch. You may deliver the sales pitch as a video or Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. State the target audience for your sales pitch. Be prepared to answer any questions from your classmates.

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