CWV-101 Mark 8:29 Worksheet

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  • CWV-101 Mark 8:29 Worksheet
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Mark 8:29 Worksheet Name: Brian King Course: CWV-101 Date: 03-08-2015 Instructor: Steve Duby

Please address each question below with complete sentences and clear, specific explanation. The total word count of your writing should be between 750-1,250 words.

  1. Select one teaching of Jesus from one of the following Bible verses: Matthew 5:21-24, Matthew 5:43-48, Matthew 6:19-24, Matthew 7:15-23, Luke 15:1-32, John 13:1-17 & 34-35, John 15:1-11. Answer the following questions: a. What was Jesus point in the teaching? The point in Jesus teaching was to warn his followers to beware of false prophets that wl l come to them under the guise of being a messenger of Christ. But in actuality they are trying to lead the people astray from the path of righteousness. Example: Matthew 7: 15;...

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