CRJ 306 Week 3 Parties and Pretrial Procedures

in Criminal Justice by nerdythetutor
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  • CRJ 306 Week 3 Parties and Pretrial Procedures
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Grand Jury


CRJ 306: Criminal Law and Procedure


Grand Jury

A grand jury is a system that is set into place to bring all serious criminal cases in front of the district courts. A grand jury consists of several different individuals that are a part of the community to hear the evidence brought forth by the prosecution and the defense. This evidence will justify whether or not the grand jury should find an individual innocent or guilty based upon the evidence provided. There are many steps that's has to be done prior to an individual going in front of a grand jury and therefore, the discussions about the role of a grand jury, who can attend a grand jury proceeding, and how a prosecutor and a defense attorney can stop a case from going before a grand jury...

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