CHM 110 Week 3 DQs

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  • CHM 110 Week 3 DQs
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CHM 110 Week 3 DQs

How can you relate Henry's law, Charles' law, and Boyle's law to observations of everyday?

Have you ever wandered into a room and found the air trapped in one corner of the room? Why or why not? How does this explain how a faint odor, such as that from perfume, can quickly reach all the corners of a room?

Why do oil and water not mix? Why can detergents and soaps force them to mix?

Under what conditions does water boil at exactly 100 degrees Celsius? How frequently are these conditions observed in your own environment? What is the ecological importance of the fact that water becomes larger and less dense when it freezes?

If you were cooking food in boiling water on the stove, could you increase the speed of cooking by increasing the heat? Why or why not? Why do some recipes include high altitude instructions? Why does a pressure cooker cook your food more quickly?

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