CHM 110 Week 1

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  • CHM 110 Week 1
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CHM 110 Week 1

Individual Assignment Chemistry and Society

Prepare a 350- to 700-word paper in which you explain the importance of chemistry in your life and in society. Include the following information:

Describe the difference between accuracy and precision.

Explain how society depends on the accuracy and precision of measurements for products sold by the retail industry, such as a gallon of gasoline, a bushel of corn, or a liter of bottled water.

Compare and contrast the accuracy and precision of at least three types of measurements used in your life.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. It is best to install the current revision of RiverPoint Writer from the Writing Center of Excellence from the library tool on the resource page. I do grade formatting at 10% of the paper. Further 3 references properly cited in text and on the reference page with the exception of the text is worth 5 points so make sure to get these.

Discussion Questions

What is chemistry? Why is chemistry important to you? Why is it important to society?

What falls under the realm of chemistry and does not fall under the realm of physics? Given a list of the natural sciencesmathematics, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, biology, and ecologywhere does one science end and another begin?

Given that there are only 92 naturally occurring elements (ranging from hydrogen at the lightest end to uranium at the heaviest), why is there such a diversity of substances in the natural world?

What is the importance of the fact that water exists in all three states of matter (solid, liquid, and gas) on the surface of the planet?

Energy must be expended to maintain order in any system (entropy). It occurs in natural materials (solid, liquid, and gas) and in your life. What is an example of energy from your everyday experience?

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