C820 Task 1

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Susie Moody C820 Professional Communication and Leadership Task 1

A1. Environment: I am at my daughters middle school, in the counselors office. I have my daughter next to me, counselor is across from us. Everyone is sitting. The room is plain, a few school posters on the walls. The kidney shaped desk is dark brown. The room is silent and warm. I can feel my daughters nervousness as she sits picking the side of her thumb with her pointer finger not noticing. We are expecting my ex and his wife to show up for the meeting.

A2. Stimulus: My Ex-husband and his wife Tricia walk in the room. Tricia always has a fake smile on her face and pretends like I dont exist. She has a presence about her that portrays she is better, though she is only good at belittling people. She is a...

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