C304 Task 2 Task 2 Ethical

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  • C304  Task 2 Task 2   Ethical
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Professional Roles and Values C304 Task 2 Part A

  1. Response Mr. Newcombs request would put any working professional in a sticky situation; particularly a Nurse, because our entire job is rooted around compassion for others. My response to Mr. Newcombs request would be carefully formulated, as I try to set aside my judgements and personal beliefs for the moment. I would respectfully explain to Mr. Newcomb that he has put me in an awkward position and that other nurses at the Hospital may not react so kindly to such a request. I would try to brainstorm other ways that he could see his Mistress, without the involvement of myself or other staff at the Hospital; accommodating a request is one thing but having me lie to do so is quite another. Perhaps he could arrange to see...

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